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A Murder On The Rocks Mystery

Murder, not pleasure, greets Jude Dillane when she takes a vacation from her East Village restaurant and embarks on a luxurious Mediterranean cruise. On board, a horrific death shatters her dreams of a romantic getaway, and a reconnection with her college friend, Monica Delmar, entangles her in a baffling investigation that leads Jude into stormy seas.


It's all hands on deck as Jude helps to figure out who’s responsible for turning this opulent voyage into a death trap. Are the theft of a valuable diamond ring and the discovery of a cryptic notebook related? Jude makes waves as she discovers who is responsible for the crimes, all while finding herself in deep water. Will the shocking revelations rock the boat and sink it forever? 

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Praise for With A Twist

"The game's afoot in this fourth volume of the author's Murder on the Rocks mystery series. Stoler builds tension with increasing danger, a plethora of likely suspects, and direct threats to Jude's life... some clever and surprising twists.

A fun escapist beach read best enjoyed with a frosty piña colada."

--Kirkus Review

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