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It's New Year's Day and Jude Dillane, owner of The Corner Lounge, is cleaning up after last night's celebration when she discovers the body of a man with a knife through his heart in the dumpster out back. She recognizes the victims immediately--it's Michael Bevins, younger brother of her customer and neighbor, Art Bevins. Devastated, Jude becomes even more horrified when she learns that Michael is the latest victim of the New Year's Eve Serial Killer whose horrible crimes stretch back more than twenty years. Determined to find this monster, Jude risks her life as she gathers evidence that leads her closer and closer 

to the killer and the staggering truth that he may be someone very close to home.

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Praise for LAST CALL


"How about a serial killer for the holiday season? It's New Year in New York and the corpses are dropping. Jude does her best to keep scandal away from her beloved bar (and save her relationship too) but the trail leads straight to her door. With Cathi Stoler's trademark inside scoop on the city and the bar business, LAST CALL is as satisfying as could be."

--Catriona McPherson, multi-award-winning author of the Last Ditch Mysteries.


A taut and twisted thriller, Cathi Stoler's Last Call will have you feeling a serial killer's breath on the back of your neck. Start a tab because you'll want another round with Jude and friends at The Lounge. 

-- Gabriel Valjan, Agatha and Anthony-nominated author of The Naming Game.


Last Call opens with a bang, on New Year’s Eve, and in this clever, twisty mystery the fireworks don’t quit until the very last page. Fans of Stoler’s first novel in this series, Bar None, are in for another suspenseful, satisfying read.

--Lori Robbins, award-winning author of Lesson Plan for Murder and Murder in First Position