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If mystery and suspense gives you a thrill, I think you'll enjoy my books and short stories.

Bad Things Happen
6 Stories of Mystery, Murder & Intrigue

From the first story of love gone horribly wrong, to the last where the good guy does the unthinkable to save his muse, this collection of short mystery fiction keeps the suspense coming. In between are stories of International intrigue, the cutthroat side of the book business, and someone whose luck is about to run out. Six stories to whet your appetite for the dark side of mystery, murder and deception.

This 2015 Short Mystery Fiction Society Derringer Award Winner for Best Short Story tells the tale of Petey, a young boy who's sure his card-playing grandfathers have a terrible secret they're hiding in the basement he's terrified to enter. Ultimately, Petey has no choice and has to take the plunge.

In 'Magda' a bartender  meets the man of her dreams, an andel who she discovers is  really the devil in disguise.

In  "Out Of Luck'  desperate cop with loan sharks on his back, his falls for a scam and winds up paying the price.


'Chloe'  shows the darker side of the Swinging Sixties, when a fashion model,inds true love and escapes the hold  of her mentor, Jealousy, deceit, and desires  make for an unforgettable tale.


In 'The Art Of Payback", a crooked art dealer gets what
he deserves when he loses everything to an avenging woman.

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