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A Murder On The Rocks Mystery

It's New Year's Day and Jude Dillane, owner of The Corner Lounge, is cleaning up after last night's celebration when she discovers the body of a man with a knife through his heart in the dumpster out back. She recognizes the victims immediately--it's Michael Bevins, younger brother of her customer and neighbor, Art Bevins. Devastated, Jude becomes even more horrified when she learns that Michael is the latest victim of the New Year's Eve Serial Killer whose horrible crimes stretch back more than twenty years. Determined to find this monster, Jude risks her life as she gathers evidence that leads her closer and closer 

to the killer and the staggering truth that he may be someone very close to home.

"A tangled web of murder present and murder past leads to a heart pounding conclusion."

--Terrie Farley Moran, Multi-award winning and national best-selling author

What happens when you combine two New York obsessions, the restaurant scene and crime? If you’re lucky, you get LAST CALL. Jude Dillane defines plucky and resourceful, and her supporting cast backs her up vividly. The Lower East Side is still dark and dangerous in author Cathi Stoler’s hands, but that’s a good thing for mystery fans.



Cathi Stoler’s Last Call opens with a bang, on New Year’s Eve, and in this clever, twisty mystery the fireworks don’t quit until the very last page. Fans of the award-winning author’s first novel in this series, Bar None, are in for another suspenseful read.

--Lori Robbins, award-winning author of Lesson Plan for Murder and Murder in First Position


A taut and twisted thriller, Cathi Stoler's Last Call will have you feeling a serial killer's breath on the back of your neck. Start a tab because you'll want another round with Jude and friends at The Lounge. - Gabriel Valjan, Agatha and Anthony-nominated author of The Naming Game.

BAR NONE Cover Final.jpg


A Murder On The Rocks Mystery


Bar None, set in the heart of New York City, is an edge-of-your-seat mystery that features Jude Dillane, owner of The Corner Lounge on 10th Street and Avenue B. When Jude finds her friend and landlord Thomas “Sully” Sullivan’s work pal, Ed Molina, dead in a pool of blood in Sully’s apartment, she’s sure it wasn’t suicide as the police suspect. Jude investigates and adds murder to her plate as she delves into a case of major at the Big City Food Bank.


"Cathi Stoler’s BAR NONE is a New York crime novel with a modern twist - dark, deadly and loaded with memorable characters. Sidle up to the bar and order a few rounds of this smooth, potent drink. You won’t regret it.”

 - Alex Segura, author of the Anthony Award nominated Pete Fernandez Mystery series

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