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OUT OF TIME takes you from NY, to KY, to Dubai, and back.  This time, Nick and his partner, PI Marina DiPietro, are hired by billionaire Adnan bin Haddad to protect his Thoroughbred race horse from death threats. As they investigate, they uncover the real threat: terrorist are trying to steal bin Haddad’s new invention—the ultimate weapon of war, a cloaking device. Nick has to use all the cunning, skill, and subterfuge he’s acquired as a gambler to discover the ‘tell’ that will help him turn the predators into prey. 

It's New Year's Day and Jude Dillane, owner of The Corner Lounge, is cleaning up after last night's celebration when she discovers the body

of a man with a knife through his heart in the dumpster out back.

She recognizes the victims immediately--it's Michael Bevins, younger brother of her customer and neighbor, Art Bevins. Devastated, Jude becomes even more horrified when she learns that Michael is the latest victim of the New Year's Eve Serial Killer whose horrible crimes stretch back more than twenty years. Determined to find this monster, Jude risks her life as she gathers evidence that leads her closer and closer

to the killer and the staggering truth that he may be someone very close to home.

Whether it's  saving the world from a deadly new weapon of mass destruction, or outwitting the mob and its tricky money-laundering scheme, Nick Donahue is ready to take on the challenge. Tall, dark and handsome, professional Blackjack player Nick has a knack for being where the action is and gambling that the odds are stacked in his favor. Both OUT OF TIME and NICK OF TIME will be available from Black Opal Books in 2019 . 


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